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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

how to increase speed of torrents like bit or U torrent

Most of the people are not aware of torrents and there functionality so i am writing for them, this is not for people who know lot more about this torrents. So what is a torrent? A Torrent is a peer to peer downloading application program which enables us a option to resume the download from where we have stopped earlier. This is very useful for downloading data which is larger in size and the usage of torrents saves us lots of time.
                                             So how to use torrents? This is quiet simple. All we have to do is to download a torrent client such as bittorrent or utorrent or any other and just install it somewhere in your computer and now go to any torrents website like http://thepiratebay.org/http://btjunkie.org/ orwww.alivetorrents.com/  and etc. or you can direct visit the torrents search engine www.torrentz.com and search for any data which needed and just download the torrent file under the search and open it with the client which we have downloaded and installed earlier. Its always a good option to check the comments when we are downloading any particular torrents because some might be fake or damaged.

In the above screen shot we can a link where we can download the torrent and also we can see some comments are written. Just click on download torrent and save to your computer and open it with client. see the below screen shot where bit torrent client is downloading a file.

As we can see that the torrent is downloading fast and without any errors here. now a routine question how to speed up torrents? Some times we may get our torrents very slow that they download only half the downloading speed which is available to it. Its because of lack of seeds which are not available to it. For this we need to add some trackers to the torrent to make the torrent download faster. Just open the client and click on the torrent which is downloading and right click on the torrent which is downloading and click on properties and in General u can see some list of urls which come default with the torrent. Just copy new url tracker url under it and make sure each one is separated with a single gap line so that each tracker have some place. the empty line between two trackers must not have any data written in it.
here udp:// must be attached to http:// as shown. Now where to find torrent trackers for a torrent? Each torrent which is created will have some trackers in there websites for relevant data which is being downloaded. For example if we download any data from www.torrentz.com it will shows some suggested sites to download the torrent and also some trackers under them. See below screen shot for a brief idea.
Just copy them and paste in the torrent file when ever the torrent gets slow. The trackers will be updated for every hours by the websites so just make the best use of them. By this way we can speed up the torrentz and also time :) Comment on the post and please like it if its worth :) 
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