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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kinect and Tablets PC Combine Together

2011 to be year of tablets","CES gadget show dominated by tablet computers" are some of the headlines in todays tech news. No matter you except it or not but tablet computers changing the way you will use a personal computer. On the other hand Kinect revolutionize the way you interact with a machine. How about adding a Kinect like device with the tablet PC?

Normally, electronic device required someone to press buttons, type some commands or give a magical touch to get something done out of them. It is same for the tablet PC. You are limited to the touch screen. How about adding hand gesture recognition to tablet PCS? Even though it is not available in the market this type technology is not science fiction. "Sixth Sense" is a good example. It use hand gestures and objects in front of the device wisely to provide, gather and process information. If you haven't seen how it is been used you should spend couple of minutes to amaze your self.


However, "Sixth Sense" is still not in the market for everyone to buy. Kinnect has similar capabilities but at this stage it is mainly use for gaming. Don't you think that it would be ideal to use it for your tablets. 

You will be able to... 
Type on a virtual Keyboard and 
Move between images by waving your hands
Play game like you play with the Kinnect 
Draw pictures with hand gesture
and there will be many more possibilities. 

May be you will need a small projector for your tablet PC as well. Don't you think so? 

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