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Amol Bhure (ultra l33t) was born in Maharashtra, Seventh July Of Nineteen Hundred Nineteen Ninety A.D. He's currently pursuing his B.E in Bangalore. A cyber Security Professional, Hacker, Designer, Programmer. Keen interest in hacking and network security and he developed several techniques of defending and defacing websites. He's of the opinion that people should learn this art to prevent any cyber attacks. Currently Amol works as a member of 'Null International', Bangalore chapter as a network security guy. Apart from this, he has done internships at YAHOO! India, AMAZON India, etc. He has also attended various International conferences like NullCon GOA, c0c0n, ClubHack, Defcon , SecurityByte, ICFoCS, OWASP, etc.. He is certified with RHCE, LPT, CEH v7, SCJP, AFCEH. In programming he knows stuffs on C, C++, C# , JAVA (SCJP), .NET , and PHP. Additionally he knows few hardware languages like HDL, VHDL, Verilog, Embedded Micro controller Programming. He has been featured on google hall of fame. Amol was named a "India's top 10 hacker" by google. "World's top 50 hacking blog" by google.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Windows 8 Remains a Mystery as Microsoft Anticipates Surging Market Demands

Microsoft has always had surprises for its customers. They have a very special trend for software development. It is quite difficult to anticipate what they will roll out whenever they announce such a move. For example, the upgrade of Windows 1.0 to Windows 7 came as a surprise to many.

A close look at the development of the Windows brand of software reveals that Microsoft is dynamic. Some customers still complain about the compatibility of the Windows operating system with other computer applications but truth be told, Windows is a great brand. Recently, the corporation unveiled Windows 7, which ideally is an upgrade of Windows version 1.0. This displays the corporations intend to solve the compatibility aspects that most users of the former version have pointed out.
What Microsoft is doing is laudable; it is a mechanism of identifying the pitfalls and shortcomings of its applications in attempt to better its software to meet the demands of the market currently. The world is going technological, if it has not already done so. The Chief Executive Officer of the corporation, Mr. Steve Ballmer hinted that Windows is undergoing evolution. It is in doubt whether this will interfere with the release of the chain of the operating system.
The CEO intimated that the software would undergo massive changes in the future that will make its look very different from the way it does today. He emphasized that the software in the future will be very different from its current look. Currently, the software works just fine. In fact, it is the most common software and the best so far. It is very easy to use and manipulate towards the performance of different tasks.
Currently, Microsoft is working on Windows 8.The corporation has not disclosed the features of the software yet. From the words of the CEO, we can anticipate a unique product that encompasses major improvements of the previous operating systems and that meets the current requirements of the market.
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