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Friday, October 29, 2010

Create Files And Folders With No Name and Icons

Ok! in the last few posts we have been dealing with the internet related hacks and vulnerabilities.So its time for some windows related Tweaks or Hack( whatever you call it !! )
I guess most of the people know about this thing.But some days back, while I was chatting with some of my friends I found that this is a new thing for them.They wanted to know more on this topic.So now I am blogging it here.

So what is our topic...? Well, Yeah How to create a no name folder or file..?

In the final parts I will tell you all about how to make a  folder or a file invisible.OK then, Lets get back to the topic...

So here is the scenario

I have created a folder named " swaroop's " on my desktop.Within that folder there is another folder with the name " make me invisible" . So this is our test folder.On the first part I will tell you how to save the folder with no name ( not really though!!).
There are two methods to create a no name folder :
Both are somewhat similar 

Select the folder  " make me invisible" press F2( function key 2) to rename the folder.Hey, Instead, you can also right click on the folder and select to rename.

Now press and hold Alt key and type the following numbers in the same sequence "0160" from the NUMPAD without quotes. and press enter.So what are we doing here..?

We are inserting a "Non Breaking Space" as the name of the folder.
Alternatively :
You can hold Alt Key and type " 255" from the NUMPAD without quotes and press enter.This will also yield you the same results.

Then you will get a folder similar to the one shown below.

You can try to create a no name folder with the space bar on your key board.You will be surprised to see that it will not work.
The most important thing is that, if you use the number keys on the the top of the character keys this trick is not going to work.Youmust use NUMPAD.
To create more no name folders or files on the same folder  you can press and hold Alt key and type 0160 or 255 one more time you entered comparing last time.Every time you press the key combination one Non Breaking Space is added to the name.(ie, ALT+255 release ALT (for 1 blank character) press and hold ALT +255 and release ALT(for 2 spaces)  and so on)  

Ok,  now time to make this folder invisible from sight.

Follow  these steps:
1) right click on the folder
2) select properties

3) select the customize tab
4) click on the change icon button
5)select a blank icon  from the list
6)click Ok
7) Click OK in the properties window

The result will be as shown below

To find out the hidden folder you can press the key combination "Alt + a" at the same time ( without the + sign and quotes)
you will see a similar view to the one shown below

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