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Amol Bhure (ultra l33t) was born in Maharashtra, Seventh July Of Nineteen Hundred Nineteen Ninety A.D. He's currently pursuing his B.E in Bangalore. A cyber Security Professional, Hacker, Designer, Programmer. Keen interest in hacking and network security and he developed several techniques of defending and defacing websites. He's of the opinion that people should learn this art to prevent any cyber attacks. Currently Amol works as a member of 'Null International', Bangalore chapter as a network security guy. Apart from this, he has done internships at YAHOO! India, AMAZON India, etc. He has also attended various International conferences like NullCon GOA, c0c0n, ClubHack, Defcon , SecurityByte, ICFoCS, OWASP, etc.. He is certified with RHCE, LPT, CEH v7, SCJP, AFCEH. In programming he knows stuffs on C, C++, C# , JAVA (SCJP), .NET , and PHP. Additionally he knows few hardware languages like HDL, VHDL, Verilog, Embedded Micro controller Programming. He has been featured on google hall of fame. Amol was named a "India's top 10 hacker" by google. "World's top 50 hacking blog" by google.

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Typing Useful Symbols for MS Office Fastly

These symbols can be used in MS Word, Excel, etc.
Here fast way to type any usefull symbols in Microsoft Office applications

For © : Alt+0169
For ® : Alt+0174
For ™ : Alt+0153
For › : Alt+0155

For † : Alt+0134
For ø : Alt+0248
For ¤ : Alt+0164
For « : Alt+0171
For ° : Alt+0176
For ± : Alt+0177
For ² : Alt+0178
For ³ : Alt+0179
For µ : Alt+0181
For ¶ : Alt+0182
For ¹ : Alt+0185
For » : Alt+0187
For ¼ : Alt+0188
For ½ : Alt+0189
For ¾ : Alt+0190
For Å : Alt+0197
For × : Alt+0215
For Ø : Alt+0216
For Þ : Alt+0222
For ß : Alt+0223
For ?: Alt+1

Hope you find these useful
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