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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Right to know

Right to know

What has been revealed by WikiLeaks and Radiagate (“The public has a right to know,” Nov. 30) is only a trailer. As pointed out, what is in the pipeline will ruffle more feathers here. It is evident that the bonhomie exhibited at various conferences, summit meetings and visits is only a façade, under which lies a labyrinth of deception, double-dealing and cunning. Who would have thought that the Saudi King wanted Iran's nuclear plants eliminated? Or that Ratan Tata wanted A. Raja as Telecom Minister? With the dispatches on India set to be published soon, the Opposition parties will have more material to stall Parliament, with the ‘we-told-you-so' rhetoric.
Col. Ram Gulrajani (retd.),

Hillary Clinton's description of India as a “self-appointed front runner” for permanent membership of the United Nations Security Council is disturbing. Will our government stop making tall and false claims of progress at least now? Will it stop boasting about the country's so-called march towards becoming an economic superpower and take stock of growing corruption? Let us clean up the mess within before thinking of a greater role in world politics. It is about time the government pulled its socks up and worked towards making India a genuine front runner.
K. Spurty Rao,

WikiLeaks has certainly exposed the chinks in the supposedly impregnable U.S. armour. While washing international dirty linen in public, it has also brought out the amusing hypocrisy in world politics. It seems backbiting and planting nicknames are as common among mature statesmen as children. Guess the diplomats are trying to take the boredom out of their monotony!
K.S. Lakshmi,

On the face of it, the documents leaked by WikiLeaks and the Radia tapes may appear unrelated but there is a strong link insofar as the game plan of the corporates across the globe is concerned, which is to economically conquer the world by controlling governments. This was superbly brought out by John Perkins who, in his best-seller Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, exposes how huge corporations in the U.S. manipulate their government “to encourage world leaders to become part of a vast network that promotes U.S. commercial interests.”
A. Faizur Rahman,
It is indeed disturbing to find corporate houses using all means to bend the government in their favour. A few years ago, I, in this column, extolled one of the corporate houses connected to the 2G spectrum scam for making global acquisitions, honestly believing it would lead India to a superpower status. But now I feel scandalised by the unholy nexus between some corporate interests and corrupt politicians. As in the movie Matrix, I strongly hope the fourth estate will assume the role of Nebuchadnezzar and lead us to Oracle, who can enlighten us about our representatives.
V. Ilancheliyan,
Mr. Tata approaching the Supreme Court for action against those involved in the Radia tapes leak, saying it infringed his right to privacy, is illogical. He used the services of Niira Radia to lobby for a Minister of his choice, and he should be prepared to face the consequences. Stifling a public debate on vital issues of national importance will ruin democracy.
M. Nagarajan,
It is amusing to see Mr. Tata fuming at the Radia tapes leak and approaching court. (So is the disclosure that Barack Obama is “not pleased” with the WikiLeaks release and Ms Clinton “deeply regrets” it.) One thing is clear — none in our corporate world has the moral right to pontificate on ethics and national spirit.
P.V. Chandrasekharan,

The usual reaction to revelations like those made by WikiLeaks and the Radia tapes is dismay. That said, it is unclear what motivates those who make the information public. Do they think they are doing a public service or are doing it because they can do so with impunity? In either case, does the world become a better place for that? Suppose there was some method by which every conversation among all members of a family could be recorded. If it was to be revealed to all, the family will most likely fall apart. The same applies to any group and to the world at large. The WikiLeaks exposures will only lead to greater misunderstanding and conflicts among nations. Many times, ignorance is bliss and it is folly to be wise.
N.K. Raghavendran,

It is well known that every foreign embassy indulges in collecting data, inconvenient to the host country, all the time. The dispatches of diplomats should, therefore, cause no heartburns. Other than making newspaper headlines, they have no value.
S. Chidambaresa Iyer,
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