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Amol Bhure (ultra l33t) was born in Maharashtra, Seventh July Of Nineteen Hundred Nineteen Ninety A.D. He's currently pursuing his B.E in Bangalore. A cyber Security Professional, Hacker, Designer, Programmer. Keen interest in hacking and network security and he developed several techniques of defending and defacing websites. He's of the opinion that people should learn this art to prevent any cyber attacks. Currently Amol works as a member of 'Null International', Bangalore chapter as a network security guy. Apart from this, he has done internships at YAHOO! India, AMAZON India, etc. He has also attended various International conferences like NullCon GOA, c0c0n, ClubHack, Defcon , SecurityByte, ICFoCS, OWASP, etc.. He is certified with RHCE, LPT, CEH v7, SCJP, AFCEH. In programming he knows stuffs on C, C++, C# , JAVA (SCJP), .NET , and PHP. Additionally he knows few hardware languages like HDL, VHDL, Verilog, Embedded Micro controller Programming. He has been featured on google hall of fame. Amol was named a "India's top 10 hacker" by google. "World's top 50 hacking blog" by google.

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Saturday, December 4, 2010


Crippled Brats ofIntelligence 
After the Mumbai terror strikes, anti-India elements in Pakistan were planning an attack on Indian computer networks, intelligence agencies already warned entire nation about this issue.  Pakistani hackers are trying out a dry run against Indian networks through popular websites registered there after the Mumbai terror strikes;Home Ministry sources informed this to all most all intelligence agencies and state home departments. In spite of knowing the fact that they are on Pakistan’s hit list still turned blind eye towards  the cyber security. The recent incidence of CBI website is biggest embracement.  Though, the CBI registered a case against unknown persons for hacking and defacement of its official website by people who identified themselves as “Pakistani Cyber Army.” The CBI registered the case under various sections of the Information Technology Act and said efforts were underway to restore the website for public interface at the earliest, an official spokesperson anuuounced this to media. Are they really unknown? A group of journalists approached CBI to reveal the identity of these hackers of both the groups; if one is caught the rain is cracked. Let’s see what they have to reply these journalists. Another question is here if a journalist can reach to the Hackers sleeves then why CBI fails? How one should keep faith in such crippled intelligence authorities? While assigning Jeff Moss at white house Barac Obama said ‘to reach dirty guys we need to have some of them with us”. Why Indian government never thought of doing anything like this? Recently speaking to unite hackers group Hon Home minister assured to take preventive steps towards cyber securities, but so far nothing has come in action. Why? Where and what government is lacking is a biggest question.
I felt like laughing when a In a brief statement, the spokesperson of CBI said, “It has come to the notice of the CBI that its official website was illegally accessed and defaced in the intervening night of December 3 and 4. I am sorry to tell my investigation authorities, no bloody will seek permissions from you to deface your site, please at least be updated before speaking to media. The CBI spokes person was sounding dumb while addressing media. Each time they just give briefs to media (that too on nation news channels) without been briefed by any expert on such technical subjects. Irony is that these oldies in such sensitive departments are nothing but liability on our country.  God forbidden if given a chance they themselves will mortgage our country in someone’s hand. Or their so called intelligence will dupe our countries security. A case has been registered in this connection in the cyber crime cell of the CBI and efforts are underway to restore the website with the help of National Informatics Centre and the CBI cyber security experts that is what the respected dumb spokesperson said. Now cyber cell is another area of expertise of our country. Misfortune is that neither they are  even updated with latest technological developments nor they possess any hard core knowledge or skills. Whenever  there is some sort of cyber crime they haunt for local hacker friend, all most all cyber cell people are looped with ethical and unethical hackers to save their soul in such type of crises. They seek help from some underground hacker and if the case is solved then again they shamelessly without any hitch of guilt conduct a press conference and boast laud about solving the mystery, and the hacker winks at their stupidity and leaves peacefully for his unethical activities. The home page of the CBI website was hacked and it had a message from the ‘Pakistani Cyber Army’ warning the ‘Indian Cyber Army’ that their websites should not be attacked.  The message from the hackers also spoke about the filtering controls provided by the NIC, a body which mans computer servers across the country.   ‘Pakistani Cyber Army’ also threatened to carry out “mass defacement” of other websites  too. 
Forget about this, there are some websites constantly in news for supporting terrorism but none of the governemtn could go against them. Pakistani hackers have created websites such as the www.songs.pk, which are infested with software to hack data from the targeted computers, it said. "The website www.songs.pk has over 12 lakh Indian users who are downloading stuff from these websites daily," said a cyber expert in the Ministry. That means, they are aware od such things but still acting like dumbos. and if I mention here you all will laugh probebly police is receiving hafta for protecting these sites and they are the prime users. Even bollywood biggies never ever came forward to fight against these sites becuse they are doing piracy too.With these websites being highly popular, it will take only a few minutes for the hackers to take command of over 12 lakh computers in few minutes and the number of such computers can multiply in every minute. Songspk.server.mp3pk.com is a domain controlled by two name servers at mp3pk.com. Both are on the same IP network. The primary name server is ns1.mp3pk.com. Incoming mail for ngspk.server.mp3pk.com is handled by one mail server also at mp3pk.com. Songspk.server.mp3pk.com has one IP number ( , but the reverse is server.mp3pk.com. Songspk.server.mp3pk.com uses this as a mail server. Songspk320.com, songspk320.in, mp3pk.pk, songspk.pk, songspk320.net and at least four other hosts share name servers with this domain. Dnsadmin.songspk.server.mp3pk.com and root.songspk.server.mp3pk.com are sub domains to this hostname. Songspk.server.mp3pk.com is hosted on a server in United States. It is also not listed in any blacklists. Songs.pk has 676 traffic ranks in world by alexa. songs.pk is getting 1627218 page views per day and making USD 4883.39 daily. songs.pk has 22168 backlinks according to yahoo and currently not listed in Dmoz directory. songs.pk is hosted in Czech Republic at Master Internet s.r.o. data center. songs.pk is most popular in INDIA as well as other Asian country. Estimated worth of songs.pk is USD 3.56 Million according to website outlook. Songs.pk is a Pakistani site. It makes profit of Rs 12 Crores per day. & it supplies all this illegal money to terrorism. Even using this site simply means supporting terrorism. Now another buffoon in investigation agencies is FBI ( team of crooks)this agency always claims about having proofs, tracking down criminals, bursting crime syndicates, but so far no one has witnessed any such big successful operation conducted by them. That the reason even America is paying pries for having them on top of the priority . Hackers cannot hack unless and until you don’t leave variability, when you fail to secure they enter in, why toblame hackers? Suppose if hackers are arrested ,is this going to stopped? Probably no intelligence agency has reply for this..  while summing up i can say our Indian hackers are always ready to lend help....provided dont tag them as criminals and take for ride.. its you to accept it without wasting time...else stop blamming  the hackers..
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